ChirpyKeets is an information center for parakeets and their people. The first step in giving your pet a happy life with you is learning as much as you can about it. There is so much to know, so start now!

Questions are important. If you have any questions about your parakeets, any at all, then feel free to contact me. I'm not a bird "expert" but I have had lots of time to learn by observation and research. (The library is a great place to start.)

The point of having a pet parakeet is to have fun! Don't forget to play with your keet. Like any relationship, there will be frustrations and sadness, but the most memorable times will be when you had a great time. After all, happiness is parakeet-shaped. 

Where to Go

  • Thinking about getting a parakeet? Find out more about them.
  • Having training problems? Click here.
  • Learn more about what to feed your parakeet on the Food page.
  • Is your parakeet sick? Check out the Illness page.
  • Just curious? Check out some General Information.
  • Want to breed your budgies? Click here for information.
  • Learn some personal insights about budgies in my Blog, where I'll address many topics in depth.
  • Other great sites: Check them out.
  • Contact me, or send me pictures of your parakeet! I'll give you the link to the page where I use your picture. Email me:
  • Have other questions? Click here.

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Meet My Keets


Pepper (upper left) is a boy (here's how to tell). He's the most curious of them all, the loudest, and the easiest to train.

Perry (bottom left) is a boy as well. He likes to try new foods, forage on the floor, and is the most loyal.

May (upper right) is the most cautious, and the only girl. She is the hardest to train, but she's smart and the boys follow her lead.

Check out their blog entries